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Title Hongtek AP Series High Flow Pleated Cartridge Filter
Wirter Hongtek Filtration Co. Ltd Date 2018-06-12 오후 5:00:46
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AP Series High Flow Water Filter Cartridges Pentair Aqualine Replacement are developed by Hongtek Filtration. The high flow water filter cartridges are available in 6.75" outer diameter and 40" & 60" length. The high flow filter cartridges have featured PP media, hard central core, and a proprietary o-ring seal. High flow filter cartridges possess pleated construction with an outside to inside flow that provides maximum flow rates with low pressure drop.

AP Series High Flow Filter Cartridges have 20 times more square feet of media as used in standard 10 inch pleated cartridges, which significantly increases their filter life and lead to fewer filter change-outs, thus saving cartridge costs and labor. Highly efficient high flow water filters are are manufactured with absolute rated polypropylene media, achieving 99.98% (Beta 5000) efficiency at their stated micron sizes. 

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