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Title Gravity fed water purifier based on appropriate technology
Wirter 신정혜 Date 2015-09-17 오후 5:50:45
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1. Overview


PHILOS Co. Ltd., was established in 2002 starting as membrane specialized Venture Company. Based on 10 years history, PHILOS has developed as specialty engineering company which can produce various kinds of membranes. PHILOS has largest scaled factory domestically which can produce world class membrane and membrane research equipment to evaluate and develop the technology. Now PHILOS makes a new leap to be a membrane specialized global company by manufacturing appropriate technology products based on industrial membrane technology and specialized engineering technology.



2.  Vision


The essence of our business is to distribute of the high quality water purifier at reasonable price to let the customer use a good product at low price. Beginning with Wellspring, our goal is to provide life centered water related technology and appropriate technology to the world.



3. Feature

- Removal of harmful bacteria by 99.999%

- Filtration without external energy like electricity

- Removal of organic material, lime material, heavy metal and arsenic by option

- Easy absorbent replacement for convenient maintenance

- Long-term lifetime with backwashing process


Above picture shows E3 Empower used Wellspring in Tanzania.


For further information please visit our blog( or



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